Get creative with your pre-wedding shoots

Gone are the days when we used to see all sort of similar pre wedding shoots where the couple goes out to a pretty location and get some pictures clicked with some props around. Now the couple and the photographers are putting a lot of effort and try their best to be creative with their photo shoots.

From specialised studio set-ups to pre wedding shoot locations specially who charge you on hourly basis and number of set-ups they provide, there are photographers who play their magic in editing phase.

While its great to be creative, the couple should make sure it doesn’t look odd or cheesy. These pictures are going to be your lifetime treasures and you should be able to recall those moments you spend together during this time.

So, here are some things you need to discuss with your photographer and ask yourself while deciding the theme for your pre-wedding shoot:

  1. Tell your story to the photographer and see if that can come out of that shoot

2. Will the theme suit your personalities? Will you be comfortable while shooting it?

3. How many looks are you going to shoot?

4. Indoor or outdoor? Data and time of the shoot- Ideally that should be done in early hours for the right amount of natural light

5. Is there any makeup artist included in your package?

6. What kind of clothes you should wear?

Tip: Some photographers provide makeup artists and stylists for the shoot who arrange your wardrobe and accessories. Do check them before booking.

Pictures courtesy: Shaadi Shandaar by Harmeet Kaur