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Top 10 makeup artists in Delhi you will love

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Makeup artists who will save you from the horror of becoming a bridezilla   Two years ago when my school time friend got married I realized how important it is to invest in the right makeup artist. Every girl dreams of looking the best of her on her D-day but if your makeup artists believes …

Instagram Treasures: Traditional jewellery stores

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Traditional jewellery stores for brides on budget   I remember my mom saving up ever since I was a five year old to buy small pieces of jewellery for me. She made sure that before I turn “wedding ready” I have it all in place. I was in seventh standard when she bought my wedding set but …

Pre-wedding shoots: Things you should ask your photographer

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Get creative with your pre-wedding shoots Gone are the days when we used to see all sort of similar pre wedding shoots where the couple goes out to a pretty location and get some pictures clicked with some props around. Now the couple and the photographers are putting a lot of effort and try their best …